One year (and a bit more) with Fuji X100T | Alessandro Michelazzi

Photographers are lot of the times not only obsessed about the quality of the pictures but also about the tools they are using. We’re considering the cameras as our tool to get the job done, but it’s not a mystery that lot of the time, we’re looking to an item that can give us satisfaction and not frustration when we are shooting. I remember my first class of photography I took around 14 years ago: at the time (the year 2002) the digital reflex where kind of expensive and limited in the quality of images recorded. There was the big debate about analogue vs digital and who was the best one. In those years there was no mach: analogue photography was still an edge over the digital world. I remember, during that first class, that I was so impressed about the sharpness and the colors of the slides that where projected from the teacher in the room: you could see in that dark room a picture that was so vivid and so crisp. I was in love with those colors!…….