Over 2 months with the X-T1 | John Caz

The end of the DSLR is near. The X-T1 is the first mirror less camera that can compete with a DSLR in most but not all situations. It’s so close though that pros around the globe are switching like never before.  I am not going to sit here and fill you with specs but instead get straight to the point of what this camera excels in and where it falls short, what impresses and what not:

Image quality: I have yet to come across a photographer who hasn’t been impressed by Fuji’s unique colors and excellent dynamic range capabilities. I can’t pinpoint or measure it but there is a quality I can’t quantify that makes shooting with the X-Trans sensor magical. The shadows seem warm and the skin tones seem to have a small dose of softening to them – I honestly don’t know what Fuji has done, but it really is magical!

Size: Numbers and words can’t do it justice! If you are a long time pro DSLR user and get the chance to use the X-T1 for one week and then switch back, the first thing that will definitely shock you is the size and weight of your DSLR. Even now, I can’t believe how I actually thought all those years that a D700 sized camera was a good and “lite” kit!……..

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