Peper Harow, the Fuji X-Pro2 and Fujinon XF100-400 | Bill Palmer

Peper Harow. Even the very name is redolent of past times, often characterised by sticking an e one the ende ofe everythinge. It’s a small, picturesque pre-Domesday Book village in the Surrey hills, largely famous for some of the rules of cricket being first applied there in the 1720s. Today it is a sleepy, partly privately owned hamlet that looks like something out of an episode of The Avengers (the proper ones, not the costumed clowns); one expects Steed and Emma Peel to stroll around a corner at any moment. I was in Peper Harow last weekend because the Surrey Union Hunt host Point-to-Point horse racing meets there. For the uninitiated, Point to Point is like steeplechase, but tends to be run cross-country…….