Photographing Monochrome with Leica M (Typ 240) | Jip van Kuijk

As I was packing my bag for a 4 day trip to France, I came across some B+W Yellow filters and found myself wondering how they would perform on a colour digital camera. Up until now, I’ve only ever used them on the Leica M6 and M3 with monochromatic film (mainly Ilford HP5+ and Kodak TRI-X), so how would the M (Typ 240) handle it? After some consideration, I figured that the auto white balance, or a grey card white balance would mess things up. Given that everything looks yellow through the filter, the white balance would try to get rid of the yellow and make it neutral white/grey, defeating the point. A setting of “Daylight”, the lighting conditions I would be shooting in, would easily stop it from doing this however. Naturally, the thought also crossed my mind that it would actually be a stupid thing to do, since I could do the same thing in post processing anyway – none the less, I wanted to try it, and made my decision that I would only produce monochromatic images during my trip in France, whether the yellow filter worked or not on the M……..

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