Piha Beach Photography and Fujifilm X100t | Paul Petch

For me it’s important to be outside shooting regularly even if it’s not for commercial or paid work. Understanding how being outdoors makes me feel and think, is what I love to do with my time and camera. Less frames. More mindfulness. Being present in the moment and waiting, walking, looking for a special frame to happen. Looking for that amazing light. If it does not happen, then that’s also fine. I find that the constant changing environments, weather and lighting help me to see the composition and feel of the imagery differently every time. I like that each visit to a location new or regular, offers my personal work and creativity something new. It’s what I love to do. Does all of that ‘stuff’ really matter? Or does walking barefoot on sand, or looking across mountain views matter? It is where I’m the most creative and free as a photographer and a person. I never regret going outdoors. Images captured at Piha Beach close to Auckland city on X100T. 35mm. Processed with Fujifilm Classic chrome.The last image was shot using the camera Panoramic feature as JPG……

Source: fujifilmcollective.com

Fuji X100T

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