READ: Fuji x100T New Frames | Shifter

Can you spot how many photo shoots are going on in this one image? The incredible thing about these images is not the images themselves. The incredible thing is that I managed to ruin $75 worth of Impossible film during the time I made these images. Yes, not all photographers can claim such a thing, but I can and I do. Damnit. Did I tell you I loathe shooting in Newport? I do. I left the house with the pier as destination. Again. KNOWING unless something truly odd happened I wasn’t going to find anything new and noteworthy. But I went anyway because I was desperate. I’ve probably shot these same images a dozen times, what you do when you are at the pier. But, this was my first trip with the Fuji. Basically I’m looking for evidence. Evidence of how this little camera works. Depth of field, highlight detail, shadow detail, sharpness, color, skin tone, etc. Just making sketches to see what is what……..


Fuji X100T

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