Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review | DPreview

Overall Conclusion

The X-Pro2 is one of the most expensive APS-C cameras now on the market but also one of the most specialized. The traditional looks and slightly throw-back handling of the camera are likely to dictate whether you love or are baffled by it. And, broadly speaking, this should dictate whether this is the camera for you. If you directly compare it against most of its peers, it risks coming up short in one respect or other. Its autofocus isn’t as sophisticated as the sportiest of its contemporaries (such as the Canon EOS 7D II or Nikon D500), its video isn’t as cutting-edge as it could be (Sony’s less expensive a6300 and Samsung’s swansong model both offer better footage). However, unlike the original X-Pro1, these aspects aren’t so uncompetitive that you have to completely write-off them off and hope they’re of little interest to the target audience. The X-Pro2 is a much more fully-rounded camera than its styling implies and one that can turn its hand to a wide range of tasks, it’s just at its best within its own, narrower milieu……….