Review: Fuji X-Pro2 | High Tech

Few mirrorless cameras develop as strong a fanbase as Fuji’s X-Pro1, and even fewer manage to appeal to as wide a demographic as it eventually did. With its classic styling and manual controls, it immediately attracted seasoned photographers who may have started out with similarly styled rangefinders, while its fine image quality and a steady line of well-regarded optics slowly released alongside meant that it fast became the camera everyone else wanted to own too. True, as the first interchangeable-lens model in the X-series it arrived with a handful of quirks and idiosyncrasies that weren’t to everyone’s taste. Its focusing system, for example, wasn’t particularly adept at capturing moving subjects, while the unique X-Trans sensor technology proved problematic when it came to video quality. Firmware updates were issued to address some of these concerns, but four years is a long time in camera technology and the appetite for a refresh was very obvious……