REVIEW: Fujinon XF 18mm f2R – The best all round X Series lens? |
Jeff Carter

The Fujinon XF 18mm f2R is one of the three original lenses launched with the X-Pro1 in 2012 and was the widest of the trio – 18mm f2, 35mm f1.4 and 60mm f2.4 macro.  Since then there have been a few wide angles lenses added to the X-Series armoury – 14mm f2.8, 10-24mm f4, 23mm f1.4 and Zeiss Touit 12mm f2.8 to name a few – and I feel the little 18mm has become the most underrated gems in the Fujifilm XF lens lineup……

The Fujinon XF18mm f2R is a superb lens and my favourite of the five lenses I own for the X-Series system. Why it gets overlooked in favour of the wider or faster lenses that are available is frankly a shame. I was of the same opinion when I got my X-Pro1 system and thought the 14mm f2.8 would be mu wide angle lens of choice but the reality when I started to use the system in the real world was not as I expected….

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