Review Fujinon XF 27 mm f/2.8 | Anno Huidekoper

The Fujinon XF 27 mm f/2.8 is a pancake lens and at first glance evokes a feeling of, “Is that it?” Once placed on the camera, this lens appears to stick out less than 2 cm, and the front lens looks more like a contact lens than a lens for a camera. And the weight, not even 80 grams, amplifies that feeling. The lens design is simple: just 7 lens elements divided into 5 groups. Mind you, the fewer lens elements, the less chance of internal reflections. Only in moderation is the master revealed. The field of view is the same as a 40 mm lens on a full-frame camera. That makes the perspective standard. With a super-wide angle, you can make use of the very specific perspective; the image will be drawn out, as it were. If you want to compress the subject a bit, then you use a telephoto lens……

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Fujifilm Fujinon XF 27mm F2.8

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