Review: Leica M7 with the 35mm Summicron | Paul Coates

I have shot with several film cameras before, but this is my first usable rangefinder. I say usable, because I have had a Vivitar 35EE since I was a kid, but it isn’t really usable, and I only ever used it as a toy. Some of the cameras I have shot with in the past include the Canon AE-1 Program, Canon A1, Lomo LC-A+, Holga 120CN, an Olympus SLR ( I can’t recall exactly which), Canon 400D and a Canon 7D. There are some others but these have been the main ones I have used. Now I have a Leica. The Leica M7, and a 35mm Summicron to go with it. Here’s what I think! …..


Leica M

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