Review of the Lensmate Thumb Grip for the XT1 and
Lolumina soft-release kit | Mirrorless Minutes

This is one of those accessories that I missed having when I moved over to the XT1 from the XPRO1. On the XPRO1 I really liked the feel and handling the Lensmate thumb grip gave the XPRO1. The grip made the camera feel more solid in the hand and gave better one-handed operation. When I saw Lensmate made one for the XT1, I was not sure how well it would work since the XT1 has more of an SLR body style vs. a rangefinder but I knew I wanted to find out. The build quality is top notch and is machined out of a lightweight aluminum that adds almost no weight to the XT1. Even though it is very light, it has a very sturdy feel. The thumb grip has nice silicon pads to protect the body of the XT1. It has a silicone pad where it slides into the flash sync port. This is something that many of the cheaper thumb grips don’t have. It also has a pad where the grip rests against the body and a pad for your thumb. Overall, this thumb grip is a well thought out design and has a sturdy build………..


Fuji X-T1

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