Rinzi Ruiz: Candid Street Photography in Tokyo | Chris Gampat

If you go through the portfolio of Rinzi Ruiz, you’ll sort through loads of black and white street photographs. But some are in color. He became known for a blog called Street Zen, in which he posts images he makes on the street. But more than that, the dude just does some incredibly solid work. The Phoblographer has had Rinzi on the ISO 400 podcast before, and has been familiar with his work for a while. But what street photographers will really apprecaite is his candidness. “After working at a company for 10 years one big lesson was how to live as a freelancer or I suppose some might call it unemployment.” says Rinzi–which sums up the life of a photographer being self-employed……

More of Rinzi’s work can be found on his website and his Instagram.

Source: www.thephoblographer.com