Samyang 135mm f/2 | Vassilios Zacharitsev

Following from the last post, here is second part of the review of the Samyang 135mm f/2, this time on a Fuji X camera. Everything concerning build quality and user experience mentioned in the first part of the review, still stands, of course. I would again advise on using a battery grip (or even an additional bigger hand grip will do), on your X-camera, in order to ease operation, since this is a long and somewhat heavy lens. In APS-C terms, the Samyang becomes a „long portrait“ lens, similar to 180-200mm prime lenses for the FF 35mm format.  As a result, it is very useful for portraiture, giving a unique look in this respect. It remains, of course, a telephoto lens for any relevant use. I used it in a variety of shots, and even did a bit of candid photography with it (check the gallery for samples): it is certainly not the most discreet lens you can use, though! On the X-T1, the Samyang is a joy to use: this camera has perhaps the best MF assist features you can find. I should caution potential buyers, that manual focusing remains a discipline that one has to master, but, that said, the X-T1 helps immensely. Having a larger sensor than the E-M1 from the last article, it also offers a shallower DoF for the same framing and F-stop…….


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