This post covers the final day of a little Staffy called Buddha who was diagnosed with a very aggressive, advanced cancer around her organs, and as a result, was living in extreme pain and discomfort. The very difficult decision was made to have her euthanized in the most humane and respectful manner possible. My dear friend Nas sent me a message in the final few days of Buddha’s life asking me to document Buddha’s final day. Knowing full well how significant Nas’s dogs are to her I felt privileged to be asked to undertake such a special task for her. As I observed Buddha and the people who surrounded her at various points during her last day there were many ebbs and flows in her demeanor. She undertook all of her favourite activities this day, like going for a walk around her neighbourhood seeing all her favourite houses and people, having a bath, eating peanut butter, and getting pats from many of her friends……..

Source: Saying Goodbye… – CAVEIRA PHOTOGRAPHY