Shooting Beauty Portraits – Fuji X-Pro1 vs Canon 5D Mk2 Review |
Paul Archer

Here I go on another comparison test… I’ll say straight up its not very scientific in its methods considering the cameras had slight a difference in settings, plus the idea of doing a blog post like this was an after though. I was actually just taking pictures not testing cameras… But all the same I hope it’s of use to one or two people who want some more info on the differences/quality of these two camera systems. So I wanted to shoot a couple of beauty portraits so I had my friend Samantha Englelbrecht come over, she is a model and actress so that was a big help. I wanted to stay away from the standard “BOOM’ flash with beauty dish, I wanted to get something a little softer, so I tested in daylight/available light. I was using the Fuji X-Pro1 with the fujinon 35mm f1.4 lens and the Canon 5D mk2 with a Canon 50mm f1.2 Lens. These lens’ are a fairly good match up for comparisons…..

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