So where did I put that little X-T1 flash again? | Tom Grill

Don’t know about you, but I am constantly misplacing the little auxiliary flash (EF-X8) that came with my X-T1 as a replacement for a built-in model. Admittedly, it is small size makes it convenient to pack, but it also makes it convenient to misplace or forget to pack. Its tiny size makes it look like a toy, however it has a respectable guide number of 36′ (11m) at ISO 200, or 26′ (8m) at ISO 100. That is better that the Fuji EF-20 and EF-X20 flash units with their guide number of 20′ (6.1 m) ISO 100.  The small size of the EF-X8 is a primarily a result of drawing its power from the camera battery. The EF-8 flash comes with the typical modes for for rear curtain, slow sync, full on, and off. Accessibilty for these options and the new „Commander“ mode is conveniently located on the Q menu, although flash exposure compensation must be set using the camera menu system. Don’t mistake the Fujifilm „Commander“ mode for the sophisticated Commander modes of Nikon and Cannon cameras used to control their off camera flash units. The Fujifilm „Commander“ mode simply cuts out any pre-flash so the unit can be used to trigger a studio flash. Sync shutter speed of the EF-X8 is 1/180 second or slower……..

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