Street photography in Soho and Covent Garden with the
Fuji X-E1 | Al Power

A few weeks ago I went up to London to visit the Photographers gallery and check out the Mass Observation exhibition (excellent – sadly now finished) with my good friend David, and then spent an afternoon introducing him to the fine art of street photography (to which he took to pretty naturally).

tips settings
For the most part I wore my Fuji X-E1 around my wrist using a wrist strap, with my finger on the power switch. Settings were pretty much 1/250th of a second, f4-f8 and auto ISO up to 6400, and manual focused/zone focused so that if I saw something interesting approaching, I could power on, and just raise the camera to my eye and shoot, all within seconds – often without my subject even realising. I used both the 18-55 and the 35 mm, but I really liked being forced to think with my feet within the constraints of the 35mm…….

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