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Street photography is one of the most feared and uncertain types of photography, in which almost nothing is in your control and almost everything is based on luck, persistence and the ability to see and capture the moment. A lot of new photographers who like street photography for its classy/candid look and feel typically get nervous to actually do it, as it demands a lot of time & devotion, ability to interact with strangers and sometimes even ability to handle stress if things go wrong. Also the success rate of these types of shots is very low, as you get a lot of sub-par shots when you come back home and try to edit them. A lot of factors are there that can go wrong very easily, such as: improper focus, background distractions, photo bombing, etc., not to mention the need to occasionally face people’s anger and their security issues. But guess what? That is the reason that makes street photography so satisfying and fulfilling, because after so much frustration, when you get “the shot”, it is worth all the effort you put into it……


Fuji X100T

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