Street Photography with the Fuji X100 | Colin Nicholls

I’ve been out recently on the streets of Cardiff with the aim to get some more street photography done with the Fuji X100, as I’ve mentioned before this has got to be one of the best cameras for street photography as the silent shutter, small size and retro look mean you don’t draw attention to yourself and can get very close to your subjects. Slowly my skills as a street photographer have been developing and I’m constantly learning new methods to get great images as well as improving my confidence in what I’m willing to shoot. I thought I’d use this blog post to give out a few tips which I have learnt and a few facts about street photography that might help you out or give you that boost to go out and give it a try. A few of these tips I learnt from the awesome Zack Arias so go check his work out here, he’s a great photographer…….

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