Tabletop Studio Setup | Glori Berkel

In my last post, I talked about my Ikea hack for a small tabletop studio. I thought I’d write about it today because I really like this setup. I bought an Ikea kitchen cart called the Bekväm for $59.00. A great little cart with a really nice butcher block type top, 2 shelves and wheels on 2 of the legs. Oh, and solid wood! Once I got it put together, which was pretty easy, I was impressed at how solid it is. I knew that I wanted to add some way of attaching a backdrop so I drilled a couple holes so that I could shove a couple PVC pipes, around 20″ long, into the top of the cart. I added a couple elbows then another PVC pipe across the top. Voila! Backdrop support. The PVC was 3/4″ pipe. I was a little nervous about drilling holes in a perfectly good top but I figured what the hell…….