Environmental Portraits, Location and the Importance Of Background |
David George Brommer

Yesterday I went on a motorcycle ride with my outlaw biker brothers (and fellow photographers) out of NYC and into Long Island. I brought along my trusty Fujifilm Xpro1 looking forward to shooting some portraits during the ride. I wanted Read more …


Fujifilm XT-1 : Sh*t Just Got Real | David George Brommer

The mouse that roared in the photo world of gear is certainly Fujifilm’s X system. Not sitting on the laurels of thier acclaimed XE and XPro cameras the short giants have released a sneak peak of their new flagship camera, Read more …


Coney Island Polar Bear New Years Day Swim 2014 :
A Guide To Photographing This Tradition | David George Brommer

The first day of the New Year is celebrated by New Yorkers at Coney Island in the form of a brisk dip in the Atlantic Ocean. This has turned into an event which is organized by the Polar Bear club Read more …


30 Minutes With The New Fujifilm 23mm f1.4 | David George Brommer

Since this lens was announced I have begged and cajoled my Fujifilm contact for a test ride to no avail.  Man, I have known better crack dealers that take better care of their clients! Evidently there was a glass gag Read more …


9 Essential Accessories For the Fujifilm X System or Window Washing
the Xpro | David George Brommer

The Fujifilm Xpro 1 is a superb camera and many photographers are singing its praise while making great images from this unique and high quality digital rangefinder. There are a few pieces of gear that can really enhance the Xpro1 Read more …


Fujifilm X Pro 1 Predictions – No more pro Mirrorless Cameras? |
David George Brommer

It’s Fujifilm X series prediction time. I have my photo tarot cards out and here is what they say. One word first, yes I have industry connections and I respect any NDA and or personal confidential info that comes my Read more …