Fujifilm XT-1 : Sh*t Just Got Real | David George Brommer

The mouse that roared in the photo world of gear is certainly Fujifilm’s X system. Not sitting on the laurels of thier acclaimed XE and XPro cameras the short giants have released a sneak peak of their new flagship camera, the XT-1. Several websites have released info and speculated such as Petapixel, Fuji Rumors, and the great Fujix Forum regarding the new camera. The date that an official announcement from Fujifilm will be is January 28th it seems. Lets look at this dream camera a little further based on what we know now. First off, head over to Fuji Rumors and look at the post. Andrej was first to break the story. I have included some leaked pics that I can only imagine how they were obtained. Looked like a dude had a about 3o seconds with the camera and shot some iphone images. But what a tease ….

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