Pete Bridgwood

Sharpening is one of the most taxing aspects of the digital process and consequently many photographers prefer to stick to safe and secure ways, either using presets, plug-ins, exporting to Photoshop or ultimately using JPEGs straight from camera. The X-Trans Read more …


Is the Fuji X-T1 the sharpest APS-C camera out there? |
Imaging Resource

The Fujifilm X-T1 has been far and away one of the most popular cameras on our site this year, and that’s without a full review yet posted. With the retro ergonomics, the reported super-fast AF speeds and a supporting cast Read more …


Sharpening and Finishing Fuji X-Trans Files in Photoshop
and Lightroom | Thomas Fitzgerald

This is the long awaited final (for now) part of my series on Processing X-Trans files. In my ongoing quest to get the best from Fuji’s raw files, I’ve previously discussed the issue with Lightroom’s processing, some alternative ways of Read more …


Updated X-Trans Sharpening Presets for Lightroom |
Thomas Fitzgerald

A while ago I posted some sharpening presets for sharpening images taken with one of Fujifilm’s X Series of cameras in Lightroom. I was attempting to find a way to minimise some of Lightroom’s idiosyncrasies when it comes to X-Trans Read more …


Fuji X-Trans Sharpening Presets for Lightroom | Thomas Fitzgerald

If you’re an owner of one of Fuji’s X-Trans cameras and you use Lightroom, you are either perfectly happy with the way the software handles the raw files or mildly frustrated at the way the Lightroom doesn’t seem to quite Read more …