The Fuji X-Pro 2 Feels Like Home |  Bokeh by DigitalRev

The hood supplied with the lens is of high quality and great design.  It is sufficiently large enough, attaches in reverse position to keep size down, and has a sliding window to access polarizing filters while the hood is in place.  It connects to the lens with a designed locking tab. Unconsciously, this starts to bother photographers with older gear, even though the difference between their model and the newer one may be negligible. They’ll start to itch and contemplate the „upgrade“. Sites like eBay will be assessed. Friends will be queried on whether or not they are in the market for a mint condition DSLR that they’ll use three times a year on vacation. Eventually, the bullet will be bitten, only for the vicious cycle to repeat itself after the next release. Consumer concerns are never completely unwarranted, and it makes sense that anyone would want the best products that their hard-earned money can buy…….