The Fuji X-T1 with Fujinon lenses | Ian MacDonald

My gateway into the Fuji X series was through the Fuji X100s.  Like many, I had initially started out looking for a small camera for those times where I didn’t want to carry the backpack full of DSLR gear.  Not for “real shoots”, but for those times where I wanted to have a small camera with me that still delivered quality images. The X100s sold me on the Fuji sensor and Fuji’s image processing.  I loved it, and soon developed a passion for street photography.  I travelled often with it as my only camera and developed a small “take anywhere” travel kit around it. It wasn’t long after I purchased the Fuji X100s that I started looking at the possibility of replacing my Nikon gear completely with Fuji.  As much as I loved the X100s, I knew I would need an interchangeable lens system for the portrait and landscape work I love to do.  The timing ended up being perfect as Fuji released what is arguably their flagship model:  The Fuji X-T1……


Fuji X-T1

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