The Fuji X70 at a concert | Chris Papenfuss

A few weeks ago, I acquired one of the new Fujifilm X70. Finding a small enough camera that produces really awesome results has always been one of my quests. Unfortunately, to this date I have not found something that I really love. And that’s when the Fuji X70 entered the scene. It seemed small enough while featuring the amazing Fuji image quality. To make it short, I was not disappointed. As a matter of fact, I love this camera and wrote about using it on a run earlier this week. This post is not intended to be a full review but rather a quick preview. Last weekend, I went to see the Sisters of Mercy in concert. Bringing a camera into a concert hall is not easy these days – most security guards will confiscate anything that looks like it could produce decent results. This is where the Fuji X70 comes into play – it’s small enough to fit into the pockets of my Jeans. And it looks rather harmless. Check! …….