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The Fujifilm X100 had been on the top of my lust list for about a year. I stopped drooling, relented and bought (the updated Fujifilm X100s) this little delight, in silver. This is no technical review, there are plenty of blogs to gleen that information – I want great cameras with brilliant results. This camera comes with a fantastic APS-C sensor which is found in consumer SLR’s and handles amazingly in low light. The Fuji is a great urban/city camera, I bought the chestnut brown leather camera case with shoulder strap and this is how I proceeded to record my recent trip to Paris. Travelling around shooting at f2, it is amazing at capturing lens flare and bokeh. Where do I even begin to tell you about it capabilities, the square format shooting, shooting in film mode ‘Velvia’ for beautiful colour. B&W shots straight out of the bag, the beautiful sharp fixed 23mm lens, RAW or Jpeg. My friend Mark hit the nail on the head when he said to me recently “It makes image making so much fun, it makes you want to get out there and shoot”. Do I think as reported that it is the death of the DSLR, no I don’t, if you are a landscape photographer you still need a DSLR for better dynamic range and clarity. But, it is an amazing second camera…….

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With reference to your comment – „if you are a landscape photographer you still need a DSLR for a better dynamic range and clarity“ – do you mean a full frame DSLR? surely APSC sensors in Canon 7D’s for example have the same size and virtually same resolution sensor as the X100s.

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