The Gear that I Use- the Fujifilm TCL-X100 | Henry Smith

Over the last year, shooting, mainly as I have been with Fujifilm X Series I have had a fundamental shift in my approach to lens choice. Prior to this period like most people, I favored  zoom lenses. I enjoyed the versatility and convenience that a zoom lens has to offer. I also own a variety of prime lenses, in Nikon, Panasonic, and Fujifilm mounts. Like many photographers however,  I generally reserved my prime lenses for specific circumstances,  for instance, when I would need to shoot indoor shots in low light. Here the wider apertures offered by single focal length lenses become extremely useful, especially if no flash was to be used. I think the Fuji X100/X100s was the catalyst for the transformation to shooting primes day–to-day. Because of their size, these cameras have been very compelling companions for travel and hiking with one caveat: the attached 35 mm lens . Before the X 100 series, I would typically hike with a body and a zoom lens with a field of view of let’s say 24-80 mm. I would zoom to frame a subject, sometimes forgetting to consider the effect of the new focal length on the depth of field and perspective needed for the image…….


Fuji TCL-X100

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