The „Indecisive“ Moment – Leica M 240 Review | Mirrorlessons

When it comes to Leica cameras in the digital age, people are usually divided into two groups. The first group is composed of those who are against it because the cameras are too expensive and aren’t as advanced as cheaper alternatives. The second group is made up of those who still appreciate and embrace the philosophy behind the brand and care less about specifications. There is probably also a third group that is interested but can’t afford the investment and a fourth group that simply doesn’t care. As for me, I think that it was curiosity more than anything else that attracted me to the brand. After all Leica is an extremely important icon in the history of photography. Now that I run this website, it was just a matter of time before I could finally satisfy that curiosity. I had a couple of opportunities to try the Leica M9 in the past along with some M lenses but this was the first time I was able to shoot exclusively with it for a longer period. So what is it to shoot with a Leica M camera? Is it that different? Does it give you something that other cameras don’t? To answer the questions above, I decided to skip the guidelines of the conventional review and write something more personal in chronological order, from the first days of use until the day I sent it back to the Leica office. Two weeks of intense use that perhaps weren’t enough to deliver complete verdict but enough to understand if there was any chemistry between us……….


Leica M

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