The Leica Q :: A Working Review | Sam Stoud

As many of you know (Mainly because I drone on and on and never shut up about it) I have made the switch to shooting weddings with the Leica M full time. And it’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Sometime ago I even wrote a review on shooting with the M and I can say, now after spending a lot of time with the M, it’s absolutely worth every penny. Every.Single.Penny! However, this is about the Q. Leica dropped this little fella on us a few months back and the internet has been a buzz with reviews, unboxing videos, and videos and reviews of people using it. And for the most part people have been really pleased with it. There is, with most Leica products, those who question it’s cost. But to me, if it works, and it does what you need it to, then why does it matter what it costs?……


Leica Q

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