The Newest Film Simulation „ACROS“ | X Stories | FUJIFILM

It has been over 10 years since the introduction of Film Simulation. Its history began with the model FinePix F700 back in 2003. The monochrome was called „B&W“ back then, and the image quality it produced was highly regarded. At the same time, a question was thrown at us, „Which film is the B&W simulating?“ The answer to the question is, „B&W“ is based on PROVIA, and it is not based on Monochrome film. This fact also reflected the sentiment of the Image Design team at FUJIFILM, that „It is too early to name a simulation mode after any monochrome films, which are all legendary.“ So now we have a film simulation mode named after monochrome film. In order to have „ACROS“ mode, it had to meet certain standard. First, it needed to be capable of expressing details like the ACROS film, which was often praised as „world’s finest grain“. Secondly, it needed to achieve print-like texture, like how a photo would appear when taken by a monochrome film and printed on a photographic paper……..