The “Q” … My First Experience with a Leica | Mirrorless Madness

The Leica Q has been on my wish list since I first read about it when it was announced on June 10, 2015.  Why?  Well first, it’s made by the renowned German camera maker, Leica, plus it has a full frame sensor, fast Leica Summilux lens, excellent EVF, and for me the image stabilization is important.  I kept trying to get the same general features but at a lower cost by using different cameras, and I thought maybe the Ricoh GR would scratch that itch since it had the 28mm lens and an excellent APS-C sensor.  It didn’t.  In the end, I think it came down to the fact that I had never used a Leica and I just wanted to … so I did.  :-) Shortly after I placed the order, I really started feeling the buyer’s remorse and almost cancelled.  It is an expensive camera and while I know I’m fortunate to be able to afford one (just barely, and it’s a stretch), I thought maybe I’d just cancel … but I didn’t, and it arrived four weeks ago.  Then I thought, “What harm can it do to at least use it a little bit.  You know, just a few short days to see if it lives up to the “Leica hype”.  Yeah, yeah, that’s what I’ll do, and then I’ll return it …”, but I haven’t yet.  To tell the truth, I’m actually a little bit embarrassed that I bought a Leica……..


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