The Rig: Damien Lovegrove | Ledesma Photography

Hi I’m Damien Lovegrove, a portrait photographer, writer and trainer based at a converted barn and farmhouse in Somerset UK. I have a passion for beautiful photography and I will go to great lengths to create wonderful light. I don’t leave things to chance in my work and I love directing the moment. I suppose I’m the antithesis of a documentary or reportage photographer. I like to take control. I started making pictures professionally when I joined the BBC as a cameraman in 1984 at the age of 19. I’ve had many careers since then, all of them photography related.

What’s your rig?
I have owned all kinds of camera and spent more years of my life shooting on film than digital. I went digital in 2001 and In recent years I’ve had a Hasselblad H2 and a Phase One P25+ back with five prime lenses among countless DSLR kits. Now I’m in love with the Fujifilm X-Pro 1. It doesn’t get between me and my subject in quite the same way as an SLR does and this helps me capture the connection that I want in my work. The lenses are first class too……..

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