The Streetshooters – Fuji X-E2 + 27mm and Ricoh GR | Ming Art

The best camera for the Streets ? Of course, there is no such thing. Any camera is as good as the person behind it. But if you ask, what I prefer…no pixelpeeping, in real life…I like it invisible, undercover, no recognition at all, light to make you agile…a ninja camera… the Ricoh GR… is the best pocket digital camera without a doubt. Yes, it fits in your front pants pocket. All in black, stealth, get you very close to your subject. You have to because of the 28mm fixed lens. This lens is great, high ISO is at top of the notch if converting to black and white. It gives you that grainy film look. IMO this camera is a monochrome beast. Snap focus is one of the biggest pros on the GR. Rendering is more ruff comparing to the X. Speaking of that, the X100s is great, but for me, it just does not feel right in my hands. But the X-E2 does! So I tried to have a second lightweight camera beside the GR with a different focal length and giving me these beautiful fujifilm colors. Therefore the 27mm pancake (41 mm) is the perfect companion for the X-E2, which makes them even lighter than the X100s….

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