Toronto’s Graffiti Alley with the X100T | Alan Bulley

Fewer words this time and more pictures. Pictures of Toronto’s Graffiti Alley taken with the Fujifilm X100T, that is. I’m still in the honeymoon period with the camera so you should expect me to mention it on here… a lot. Torontonians are probably tired of seeing pictures from this stretch of brick and concrete near Queen and Spadina but it’s still an attraction for rubes like me who live in towns that don’t have alleys. Or electricity. Or indoor plumbing. (Just checking to see who’s still reading at this point. And no, I didn’t bump into Rick Mercer on a rant. Too bad.) Some of the art might not be worthy of the name, but there are many beautiful pieces that show a high degree of skill. And rather than let every square centimetre of their city be covered in eyesores, Toronto’s alley is a creative solution: a huge canvas for spray-can artists and an outdoor gallery where the rest of us can enjoy their work…….


Fuji X100T

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