Traveling and editing like a boss with a Fuji X-T1 + iPad
& Lightroom mobile | Jayson Oertel

Remember the days when you were traveling and had to lug around your heavy, full-size DSLR?  Add a few lenses, some basic equipment needed for a shoot, your laptop, cables, chargers, etc. and it quickly adds up to 15+ pounds.  Those days are over.  At least for me. I’m pretty sure by now you know how much I love my Fuji Xcam system.  In addition to the amazing image quality that Fuji’s are known for, there is another huge benefit of owning these powerful cameras: traveling light with pro gear. When Fuji announced the X-T1, I was super excited for the new, upgraded sensor as well as other features such as the ability to use UHS-II SD Cards, the interval timer, and more.  There was one feature that I was indifferent on, until now: built-in wifi on the camera.  Oh yeah, in case you didn’t hear, Adobe recently released Lightroom for mobile.  Yes, you heard that right…Lightroom for mobile!  Let me explain where I’m going with this… The days of traveling with bulky gear is over.  With my Fujifilm X-T1, I’m now traveling light AND have all the gear I need to shoot, edit, and deliver photos to my client – from the road……..

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