What I like least about the X-Pro | Harry Fisch

This is the second of a series of articles on the Fuji XPRO. The first was addressing what I like the most of the camera. Here we will have a look of what I consider the short comings.. The “Pro” is not a camera to produce instant results. Its few weaknesses appear after continued use. Its undoubted ergonomics are misleading. The dials are, apparently, where they should be… almost. I say “apparently” and this is the Fuji’s catch. Almost everything seems to be where it belongs but the “almost” makes all the difference. It may take some time (in my case quite a bit) to gain control over the camera’s features for professional use.

The hardness of the dials. The speed dial falls under your right thumb area, but when you wish to turn it without separating your eye from the viewfinder you meet a resistance that makes handling difficult. It has a safety switch at its center to prevent the wheel from moving accidentally, and this causes the wheel to be resistant. Learning to push the button, turn the wheel without looking and keeping your eye on the viewfinder is a real feat…….

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