What’s next for the Fuji X100t? | Ian MacDonald

Earlier this month Fujifilm held a celebration for the 5th anniversary of the Fuji X system. This camera series has been a huge part of my day to day life for so long now that it is remarkable to think that it has only been with us for 5 years. The camera that started it all was the Fuji X100, originally shown to us in September, 2010 and introduced in February, 2011.  This little camera changed everything about photography for so many people.  It felt like a classic rangefinder, so comfortable and elegant in the hand.  It had manual controls, an aperture ring on the lens, and easily accessible dials for shutter speed and exposure compensation.  There was even an optical viewfinder to go along with its electronic one.  For those who have been shooting a long time there was something romantic about it…. like coming home to an old friend. Under the hood the X100  had a large APS-C sensor… no small chip sensor here.  As with most first generation products, however, it wasn’t without its quirks.  The focusing in particular, both auto and manual, was very fussy…….

Source: ianmacdonaldphotography.com