Why I Choose To Travel With Fujifilm X100T Mirrorless Camera On
Trans-Siberian Railway Adventure | Wazari Wazir

Okay, Before I go further , before I you waste your precious, times, let me be honest with you guys and gals, I’m not doing a review for this new Fujifilm X100T Mirrorless camera, I just bought it two days before flying to London to start my Trans-Siberian journey. I didn’t have any experience with Fujifilm Mirrorless camera before and this is my first experience using it. So if you wanted to get an in depth review about the camera, this is not the right place for you. Anyway one of the reason I choose this camera is that, I wanted to travel light, yes this compact camera is in the range of premium compact camera, it is not very cheap and not very expensive either, it sit on the middle range, with the same amount of  money, you can get a quite decent DSLR camera with interchangeable lens, this camera has a fixed 23 mm lens or equivalent to 35mm field of view of full-frame camera. Even though they have a fix lens, they also offer you a Wide Conversion and Tele Conversion lens. Actually the quality of picture from X100T and the previous X100s is more or less is the same because both of them use the same sensor, the only different is just a minor, just a little bit of extra function and with the addition of Wifi (Remote Shooting & Image Transfer to Smartphone)……

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Fuji X100T

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