Why I Made The Switch From Canon to Fuji Then Back to Canon | Christopher Mollon

Hello, my name is Chris Mollon and I am a photographer dealing with a constant struggle for more gear. Okay, let’s be honest, that last sentence could have been about almost every photographer, simply take out my name, implement theirs and the statement would still true. This is going to be my story about how I found the greatest camera system ever made and why I left it to use something else. When I started taking photos, I never thought it would be something I would end up so passionate about, let alone something that would become so crucial to be a part of my day that when I don’t shoot, I feel as if I didn’t make the most of my day. I got my first camera in December of 2013. I realized I was able to sign up for a credit line on Amazon.com and when they gave me the credit limit they did and it was enough to fund a camera with a kit lens and also a second lens, I just went for it………..

Source: www.rivalsvs.com

Fuji X-T1

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