Why you need a 35mm lens! | Sven Schroeter

Lens choices are incredibly personal, and when buying a prime lens (a fixed focal length lens), there is a lot to consider before locking in your choice. I was faced with this troubling decision when buying the Leica. I had to decide which lens to indulge in, in order to maintain versatility on the street, without limiting my options for travel or the great outdoors. You can probably tell from the title of the post, I decided to go with the 35mm focal length. I have been using this equivalent focal length on the Fujifilm X100T (fixed lens camera) and the XT1/XPRO1/XPRO2 for a long time. It allows you to walk into any situation and get right to work. For most, it is a lens which you work up to using. It is a little on the wide side for distortion free portraits, but you can make it work if you are careful.  And when prowling the streets for unique individuals and candid moments you have to get intimate with your subject to fill the frame, your subject will definitely knowledge your presence…….

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