Wildlife and Landscape Photography with the Fuji X-E2 | Marc Sadowski

I finally got my first Fuji camera. After a year of renting the X-series cameras and trying out which camera was the better choice, I finally bought the Fuji X-E2. It was going to be the X-Pro1 but when I read that the X-E2 was better I just took the dive and picked that up. Wedding season is at a bit of a lull right now – the time being December and all. But I did get to try my hand at wildlife photography. My co-host on the podcast, Matt Hoffman, got word that some snowy owls traveled south due to food shortages up in the North. So I rented the XF 55-200mm lens and we headed out along the seacoast to find some owls. Our trip started on the coast of Southern New Hampshire and took us up as far as the Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine…..

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