Winter landscapes: Spain’s North Coast | Jose Carpin

Easter in Spain can be a bit tricky if you are looking for sunny days and to be able to trust an accurate forecast, particularly if you decide to visit any of the coastal provinces of the north. so That is the situation I saw myself in: Before my Easter holidays I decided to go up north to take landscape pictures of the Cantabrian coastline. Two of the most famous beaches in Spain are located between Asturias and Galicia provinces: As Catedrais beach, which is located concretely in Lugo, and Penarronda beach in Asturias. After four consecutive days waking up at 6am to take pictures at dawn, I had no luck. I wanted and planned to find stunning sunrises creating and decorating with powerful colors the reflection in the water. I waited patiently for the tide to be low, checking the tide times on the internet (otherwise the beach would be inaccessible), however the weather was cloudy, grey and cold…….


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