Wonderful Copenhagen | Rory Prior

This piece continues my photographic journey around Copenhagen. You can see part 1 by clicking here. Before delving into more photos, let me say a bit about the lenses I took with me. After some deliberation I decided upon the 18, 27 and 60mm primes. That meant leaving the fisheye, 50-230 and my old manual focus optics at home. I think overall the trio I picked out covered 95% of the shooting situations I found myself in. They are all capable performers, their light weight and in particular the small size of the 18 and 27 make them great for travel. You can just put them into a messenger bag or even a coat pocket and blend into the crowd. I’ve got a great LowerPro backpack that I used to cart my Nikon gear around in, but it’s not something I want weighing on my shoulders for hours, especially when walking around all day. The great thing about the Fuji system for travel photography is that it’s so compact and lightweight compared to even a small DSLR setup – crucially while still producing top notch results. It’s taken awhile for mirrorless cameras to reach this point, but now I know there’s no going back…..

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