X-citing News | Matt Brandon

I am excited to announce that I am now listed as an Fujifilm X-Photographer. I, along with Malaysian Photographers Kim Boon and Jessica Chan have been inducted into this hall of X-system photographers.  You can visit my X-Photographer page HERE.

What is and X-Photographer? An X-Photographer is a photographer who, of course, uses the Fujifilm x-system camera and lenses. They are photographers that stand out to Fujifilm and showcase the abilities of this system. What they are not are bound by any contract, no agreement to kiss-up or hype Fujifilm in anyway. I have been told I should be honest about my thoughts on the x-system gear, both the good about it, as well as the bad. This has always been my style. I am brutally honest and over-the-top giddy at times. You may ask what do I get out of it? On occasion Fujifilm Malaysia will send me a pre-production lens or camera that I can try out and review. This is great for my blog and I learn whether I want a lens that way……..

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