X-Pro1 – Replichrome Kodak B&W Film by Totally Rad | IK Photography

I have never processed a single roll of film, never. My last attempt at film, the snaps I shot on a roll is still stuck in the camera and have been for a while, I have no intention of doing jack with it, if I recall the film stock is Tri-X. I do however like the look of film as an artistic effect on digital images, simulating the look of old film stock using Plug-Ins such as AlienSkin can be a lot of fun. Every once in a while if the mood or image permits, I burn these looks to my photos. I have been an AlienSkin user for a while, it does what it does and quite well for that matter at least to my eyes and in comparison to other Plug-Ins out there such as VSCO which for some reason or another I never used, perhaps it is just the fact that I felt like in many cases I could achieve the same look with AlienSkin so I never bothered trying it, not to mention I don’t use these Plug-Ins that much to justify splurging on every Film Simulation Plug-In that touts being the closet to the real thing, like I said I use AlienSkin for the look I get not to actually replicate film stock exactly – in my opinion there is no such thing, sure these Plug-Ins are good or fantastic for getting close and that’s enough for me. Haven’t never shot film as already stated, who am I to say which or what is what in terms of how close to actual film? Just have fun with whichever you choose to use …..

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