X-Pro2… a brief evaluation | Bill Gekas

A few months ago back in March I finally got my hands on the much anticipated Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera. For most photographers that aren’t familiar with the hype that was surrounding it’s release, you’ve been spared the crowd noise that came with it. Shortly following it’s release the reviews started coming in thick and fast and the camera is still being and will continue being reviewed by photographers that perhaps want to give it some more time before drawing any detailed final conclusions. I’m not going to review this camera in any in-depth way at all as most reputable… photographers and photography sites with an interest in the Fujifilm system seem to have done a fairly good job of testing and reviewing it. So as a conceptual portrait photographer, this is more a brief evaluation of the camera and how it fits into my workflow…….

Source: Bill Gekas Photography Blog: X-Pro2… a brief evaluation.