X-Pro2 interview with Fujifilm Tokyo: How CSCs must improve (update) | Amateur Photographer

Takashi Ueno explains how Fuji has improved its X-Pro flagship and what CSCs must do to rival DSLRs in future, in an exclusive video interview (above)
If this is achieved, it would represent a game-changer in a market where compact system cameras already hold several advantages over DSLRs, according to Takashi Ueno, optical device and electronic imaging products manager at Fujifilm. Asked in general terms how CSCs can be improved, Ueno told AP: ‘Especially for the moving subject, DSLR has [the] advantage – more advantage than mirrorless. So mirrorless must improve the response, such as autofocus to reduce the blackout time and so on. If we achieve such function, maybe we can game change…

Source: www.amateurphotographer.co.uk

Fuji X-Pro2

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