X-Pro2 takes on 5D3? | Ivan Joshua Loh

Its been almost 2 years since I bid farewell to DSLR and walk into the mirrorless world. Its wasn’t an easy decision but on the hind side; its the right decision. Leaving my 1DX isn’t easy; which is a very capable camera and still hard to beat even in today’s standard. Eventually it was the size; retrolious design and IQ of X-Pro1 that won me over. Of course I had to live with the down side of X-Pro1 too. AF was its weakest link. With the recent launch of X-Pro2, I would say its now easier for many to make this same decision. Many fellow photographers have been contacting me about new X-Pro2. As I ask why are they thinking of switching? Many says its because of the weight of DSLR and their lenses. X-Pro2 with a 24MP sensor now look like a good and logical alternative. There was also a wedding photographer that I spoke to, thinking of getting two X-Pro2 for his professional work…….

Source: ivanjoshualoh.com